How was it in history?

Wedding rings symbolize eternity. This also suggests the shape of the circle, which basically never ends. But what about their history? It is worn on the left ring finger and this habit comes from ancient Egypt. The Egyptians then believed that the left hand was directly connected to the heart, therefore the left hand. Pope Nicholas I in the 9th century, he declared this ritual compulsory, so he had to follow at every wedding.
First women, then men
Yes, yes, that is true. At the beginning of this ritual, wedding rings were worn only by women. Until the beginning of the 20th. This habit has been changed and modified. It began to be worn even in men. And the material? They were once selected according to availability. Most often, iron was chosen for the symbolism of power and strength. In addition, metals like copper and aluminium were chosen. Today the situation is much better and as the material is most often chosen gold!