Gingerbread Cottage

What would it be for Christmas without gingerbread? Gingerbread trimming and their subsequent decorating are among the favorite children's activities in the pre-Christmas period. Maybe you have a grandmother's mouls, maybe you have beautiful smurfers, maybe you only have a classic in the form of an asterisk and a heart. Either way, you will surely enjoy the beautiful pre-Christmas moments with your children. New ideas can be brought to you at this time by a leaflet Albert, for example, in the case of a gingerbread house.

Try it too
The gingerbread house seems to be a kind of project on the highest level of Baker's skills, it may seem that only the master confectioner can handle it with complete perfection. However, it is not beautiful just what is far from perfect, but what have we produced with our children? Do you think you will be warm in a few years to the memory of the one you bought, or to the one you have already baked together with the children in the pre-Christmas period? You know the answer, the Guide to good raw materials will be the leaflet of Albert.